Drills to increase speed.


  • One set of Speed Stacks per student


How To Play

Shuffle Stack: Put all the cups in a column. Pick up 6 cups in each hand. Alternating hands, pile the cups back into a single column. Optional: use 6 cups each of 2 different colors (we must have a better explanation of shuffle stacks in the archives!)

Rapid Fire: Lay out the cups in two rows of 5 with one cup each at the end of the bottom row. Pick up the two extra cups and then use those cups to help gather the rest of the cups back into a column.

Social Emotional Learning Alignment (SEL)

SEL helps strengthen the mind-body connection and center mental, social, and emotional health along with physical health.

  • Self-motivation
  • Self Discipline
  • Goal Directed Behavior
  • Personal Responsibility

Shape Standards

Comprehensive framework for educators to deliver high-quality instruction and makes a positive difference in the health and well-being of every student.

S2.E2.4Demonstrates knowledge of locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills in movement settings.
S2.E5.15Recognizes the critical elements that contribute to proper execution of a skill.
S4.E2.5Recognizes individual challenges through movement.
S4.E2.6Sets observable short-term goals.


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