30 Set Sport Pack + Jumbo Combo

Starting a sport stacking program is easy. A Speed Stacks Sport Pack provides everything you need for a successful sport stacking program with enough equipment for your entire class to participate at once. Sport Packs include everything you see here, plus step by step instructions on how to teach your students the proper skills to be successful. Also included is our Instructor Guide featuring in depth Lessons and Activities with access to online video and resources. Learn more about the Sport Pack

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Sport Stacking Curriculum

Each Sport Pack comes with free access to our Online Sport Stacking Curriculum which includes lessons, activities, competition and timing instruction to help you teach a complete sport stacking program. You are also given access to our Online Resources where you can use a computer, tablet or phone to view the 12 lessons and 22+ games. Additional resources and easy printing of the lessons are also available. Learn more about the Curriculum

Online Video & Resources

Fetch 12 - sample video

6 Beginner + 6 Advanced Lessons, and 29 Activities

Each of our six Sport Stacking lessons are flexible to meet your group's needs and come with full printed instructions as well as video. They include warm-ups and activities to re-enforce the basics of the lesson. Activities can accompany Lessons or be standalone and are a great way to re-enforce sport stacking basics in a fun / active way. Each Activity comes will a full set of instructions including necessary equipment, setup, how to play, rules and variations. View all our Sport Stacking activity videos.

Triple up Triple Down Relay - video

All our Equipment

Speed Stacks has more equipment to offer your program, from individual sets to our fun JUMBOS, fitness Stack Spots and more... We offer Instructors like you discounts on our equipment through our Instructor Store so you can have everything you need for a dynamic program.