Fitness activity that gets bodiesmoving and brains working.





  • One set of Speed Stacks for each stacker pair
  • One stopwatch


Pair up stackers and give each pair a set of Speed Stacks. Spread the stacker pairs around the activity area with a minimum arm distance apart from other pairs. One stacker from each pair starts as the stacker, in a down position with their hands flat on the floor, and the other stacker as the ‘exerciser’, standing in front of their partner ready to perform an exercise or specified movement activity.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal the stacker starts stacking the designated pattern while the exerciser performs a specified movement. The stacker counts how many times they do the pattern, while the exerciser performs the specified movement. After 20-60 seconds, the stop signal is given and the stacker and exerciser exchange their counts and switch roles. Continue, change stacking patterns and movement activities.


  • Stackers must properly complete the stacking pattern and fix all fumbles properly to be counted.


  • Use the entire activity area for the exerciser.
  • Add manipulatives (dribbling basketball, jump rope, etc.).
  • Add Speed Stacks Stack Spots and rotate pairs.
  • Use music to start and stop the activity.

Social Emotional Learning Alignment (SEL)

SEL helps strengthen the mind-body connection and center mental, social, and emotional health along with physical health.

  • Relationship Skills
  • Goal-directed Behavior
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Communication

Shape Standards

Comprehensive framework for educators to deliver high-quality instruction and makes a positive difference in the health and well-being of every student.

S2.E2.8Identifies the heart as a muscle that gets stronger with physical activity.
S3.E5.2Uses communication skills to negotiate roles and responsibilities in a physical activity setting.
S4.E2.3Lists ways that movement positively affects personal health.
S4.E5.8Identifies physical activity opportunities outside of physical education class.


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