Don’t get caught in this movement and skill-based movement activity.




  • One Sport Pack or 15-20 sets of Speed Stacks
  • Four to six hula hoops
  • Eight to ten cones or floor markers
  • Pinnies or scrimmage vests


Scatter the hula hoops in the activity area to create “Safe Islands”. Place cones or floor markers to separate the Activity Area from the Stack Zone, which is located on both ends of the activity area. Designate four stackers to be “Captors”. The remaining stackers are the “Survivors”, who move within the Activity Area, avoiding the captors. Within the Stack-Zone boundary, Survivors place 8-10 downstacked sets of Speed Stacks. Determine which pattern will be stacked.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, Survivors try to avoid being tagged by the Captors. Survivors can enter a Safe Island. Only one Survivor can be on each island and they can only remain there for 3 seconds. Captors must remain at least five feet back from a Safe Island when there is a Survivor taking refuge. When a Captor tags a Survivor, the Survivor must immediately enter the Stack Zone and complete the predetermined stacking pattern the specified number of times. Survivors leave the Stack Zone once they have completed stacking and return to the Activity Area to avoid being tagged.

Modification - Place 4-6 jumbos next to each “safe island”. When entering a safe island, students must flower pot one jumbo for each time they enter. Once all jumbos are erected, that safe island is closed.


  • Survivors may seek refuge on a Safe Island one at a time for a maximum of three seconds.
  • Captors may not guard a Survivor seeking refuge on a Safe Island.


  • Survivors that have been captured stack in the Stack Zone, but return to the Activity Area as Captors; the activity ends when there is only one Survivor left.
  • Use different locomotor movements.
  • Change the Stack Zone pattern or number of repetitions.
  • Add fitness activities, Jumbos, or Speed Stacks Stack Spots in the Stack Zone.

Social Emotional Learning Alignment (SEL)

SEL helps strengthen the mind-body connection and center mental, social, and emotional health along with physical health.

  • Integrity
  • Planning
  • Critical Thinking


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