istack® is the official speed stacks sport stacking game for iphone and ipod touch. approved by the world sport stacking association (wssa), istack lets you stack anywhere.

test your finger stacking skills with one of the three wssa competition stacks; the 3-3-3, 3-6-3, or the challenging cycle stack. istack’s built-in stackmat works just like the real thing by timing your stacking and storing your 10 fastest times for each of the 3 stacks. the istack timer can even be used to time yourself when stacking with real speed stacks cups.

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cup stack

cup stack a fun and colourful physics based game where the player stacks cups throughout a variety of different game modes. beat the clock in championship mode and watch out for breaking glasses in variety stack. finally, survive the stormy seas in tilt challenge and keep your stack balanced to win medals and unlock new cups!

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