STACKER - A Sport Stacking Journey

Getting Started

Sport Stacking is a great addition to any PE Program. From free demos, lifetime warranty equipment, online and printed curriculum, and student group orders... Sport Stacking has grown into a dynamic activity to help students learn and succeed.

Thank You

Whether you're introducing Sport Stacking for the first time or already have a successful Speed Stacks program, I'd like to say thanks for bringing this wonderful new sport to your students. If you're new to Sport Stacking, take a moment to read some of the quotes on this page from teachers across the country who have already adopted Sport Stacking into their curriculums – it's great to hear about all the successful programs – over 55,131 now around the world!

Bob Fox
Speed Stacks, Inc.


"We have expanded our after-school program and the amazing part of Sport Stacking is that everyone can participate! Prior to this, only the most athletic students joined after-school sports, and many of our students were frustrated with "regular" athletics. Sport Stacking is an activity that involves everyone."
Susan Connolly PE Teacher Allentown, PA

I was motivated to start a Sport Stacking program at my school as soon as I saw the teacher testimonials and outside research that has been done on the program. The development of mental awareness, hand-eye coordination and confidence all in one program is difficult to find. Not to mention the added benefits of sportsmanship and fun!
Debbie Bowden PE Teacher Manor, TX


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