Great activity to boost memory and build stacking skills.




  • 1 sport pack
  • 1 jumbo pack


Divide players into 6 teams of 4. Set one of each color jumbo along the center line of the gym and assign a team to each one. Each team should have a different color jumbo. Spread the remaining jumbos around the gym, half on each side of the gym. Under each jumbo, hide 2-3 cups of random colors. For each team, assign two students to each side of the gym

How To Play

On ‘ready-set-go’, one student per team per side can go out and look under a jumbo. If there is a cup that matched their team color, they can take it back to the center line. If not, they come back to the center line empty handed. When they get to the center line, the other student on their team assigned to that side can go out and check another jumbo. This continues until all 12 cups have been found. Once they have the full set, the team must take the set to the far side of the gym and run a relay from the center line. Once the relay is complete, all stackers should sit down and wait for the other teams to finish. The game has ended once all teams have completed their relay.

Social Emotional Learning Alignment (SEL)

SEL helps strengthen the mind-body connection and center mental, social, and emotional health along with physical health.

  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Analyzing Situations


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