Games can accompany Lessons or be standalone and are a great way to re-enforce sport stacking basics in a fun / active way.

4-Person Competition Relay

A competitive activity with running, stacking, and team cooperation.

Angry Birds

A fun game of throwing accuracy and stacking.

Around the Table

Warm up your stackers’ hands and minds while stacking around the table.

Bag Toss Relay

A fun game of throwing, catching, stacking and running.

Continuous Table Relays

Running, stacking, and team cooperation is the name of this activity.

End / Straight Line Floor Relays

High energy collaborative teamstacking race that’s focused onmovement and team cooperation.

Fetch 12

Simple activity to warm up stackers and review stacking patterns.

Hound'n Rabbit

Activate your stackers’ hands andminds with this fun activity.

Hungry Hippos

A team activity with running and stacking.

Indy 500

Race around the track for partner fitness fun.

Island Stack Tag

A fitness activity of tag and stack.

Jumbo Toss

Work as a team to throw and stack your way to a 6-stack.

March Madness Final 4

Strategy and fitness activity thatadds a competitive element to stacking.

Memory Stack Relay

Great activity to boost memory and build stacking skills.

Pac-Man Stack

A fun game of human pac-man.

Partner Fitness Challenge

Fitness activity that gets bodiesmoving and brains working.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Classic fun mixed with fitness and sport stacking in this simple game.

Roll and Stack

Roll the dice and stack that number of times.

Shuffle Stack and Rapid Fire

Drills to increase speed.

Simple Stack Tag

High energy game of tag combining sport stacking and movement skills.

Speeding Tickets

Fun activity to record your best time.

Stack Bowling

High intensity, individual fitness stacking game that’s fun and easy to play.

Stackers & Blasters

Fun movement activity thatfocuses on exercise andfundamental stacking skills.

Strength / Flexibility Stacking

Individual flexibility and strength / endurance sport stacking activity.


Don’t get caught in this movement and skill-based movement activity.


Team based activity thatincorporates running and stackingguaranteed to get the heart racing.

The 5-5-5

Focus on good technique and smooth transitions.

Triple Up Triple Down Relay

Team-based activity designed for movement and motor skill activation.

Wagon Wheel

A team activity with running and stacking.