Team-based activity designed for movement and motor skill activation.





  • Six Speed Stacks Jumbos per team
  • One set of Speed Stacks per team
  • One cone or marker per team


Begin by placing each team’s set of Jumbos in the center of the gym. In this example we’re going to set up the relay as a starburst design. Next, place a downstacked 3-3-3 starting three feet away from the center Jumbos. Space cups evenly apart and set cones or markers around the outside perimeter to represent the starting line for stackers.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, the lead stacker upstacks the 3-3-3 pattern advancing toward the center Jumbos. Once the Jumbos are reached, the stacker takes one Jumbo and sets it on the ground, then runs back to tag the next stacker in line. The next stacker downstacks the 3-3-3 pattern and sets the next Jumbo cup on top of the previous one, stacking them end-to-end creating a tower. This pattern is repeated until all Jumbos are stacked in tower form. Remember, prior to reaching the Jumbos, each stacker is either upstacking the 3-3-3 or downstacking the 3-3-3 pattern, not both. Once the final Jumbo is placed, completing the tower, team members raise their hands in the air signifying their team’s completion.


  • Stackers must keep their feet behind the starting cone/marker until they are tagged by the returning stacker.
  • If a stacker knocks over a cup(s) they must fix it to its proper position before continuing the race.
  • If the Jumbo tower is knocked over, the stacker must fix the tower before continuing.


  • Set up different patterns of cups on the path to the Jumbos (3-6-3, 6-6, etc.).
  • Have stackers upstack and downstack on their way to and from the Jumbos.
  • Have stackers up and downstack the Jumbo tower.
  • Stack a Jumbo pyramid up/down at the end line.

Social Emotional Learning Alignment (SEL)

SEL helps strengthen the mind-body connection and center mental, social, and emotional health along with physical health.

  • Teamwork
  • Optimistic Thinking
  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Social Engagement


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