A fun game of throwing accuracy and stacking.




  • Jumbo pack
  • Sport pack
  • 10 Foam balls


Set up 4 jumbo towers on each of the far sides of the gym. Each student has their own set of cups. Put half of the students on each side of the gym and spread them out. Each student must upstack their set where they stand. Place the foam balls along the centerline of the gym.

How To Play

On ‘ready-set-go’, students can run to the center and grab a foam ball, then return to their set. Once they are at their set, they can thrown their ball to knock over a tower or set on the other side of the gym. If a set is knocked over, its owner must stop what they are doing and upstack it again. Students must always stand behind their cups and can try to prevent balls from knocking their cups over. They cannot try to stop balls from hitting the towers behind them. Once all of the towers on one side are down, the game is over.

Modification - If students are throwing for the jumbo towers they can move all the way up to the half court line. Otherwise if they are bowling for the regular sets, they have to stand behind their set. Balls can only be lobbed at jumbo towers and bowled at standard sets. No dodgeball style throwing.

Social Emotional Learning Alignment (SEL)

SEL helps strengthen the mind-body connection and center mental, social, and emotional health along with physical health.

  • Teamwork
  • Decision Making
  • Self-efficacy

Shape Standards

Comprehensive framework for educators to deliver high-quality instruction and makes a positive difference in the health and well-being of every student.

S1.E14.4b Throws overhand to a partner or at a target with accuracy at a reasonable distance.
S2.E1.4a Applies the concept of open spaces to combination skills involving traveling (e.g., dribbling and traveling).
S4.E2.5a Participates with responsible personal behavior in a variety of physical activity contexts, environments and facilities.
S4.E6.4 Works safely with peers and equipment in physical activity settings.


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