• Tech to play video for students
  • Speed Stacks Sets
  • Equipment for the game(s) you choose
  • Tables (optional)

Student Objectives

  • Review the beginning of the Cycle
  • Learn the 1-10-1 upstack and downstack
  • Complete a full Cycle stack

Video Outline = Instructor needs to take action

  1. Introduction
  2. Warm up
  3. Distribute Speed Stacks sets to students (students can sit & stack on the floor - tables are optional)
  4. Set up for the Cycle, then first half of Cycle review
  5. Practice | Cycle up to the 6-6 downstack (first half) | Help students as needed
  6. Set up for the Cycle, then 1-10-1 upstack instruction
  7. Practice | 1-10-1 upstack | Help students as needed
  8. Set up for the Cycle, then 1-10-1 downstack instruction
  9. Practice | 1-10-1 upstack & downstack | Help students as needed
  10. Lead a stacking game with your class
    Suggested Games:
    Hound'n Rabbit
    Partner Fitness Challenge
    Jumbo Toss
    or choose from 20+ other games
  11. Wrap up

Assessment Level

Pattern Not Yet Getting There Got It Wow
1-10-1 Demonstrates understanding of the 1-10-1 but often forgets to place the two cups on the side before upstacking the 10 stack. Upstacks the 1-10-1 using 2 hands but no efficient system. Upstacks the 1-10-1 by placing the two top cups on the side and using the 5-4-1 method with confidence and competence. Upstacks the 1-10-1 and can fix fumbles efficiently.
Cycle Completes the Cycle with cues or visual aids. Accurately completes the pattern and sequence of the Cycle. Completes the Cycle using efficient transitions. Develops own style for completing the cycle and can correctly fix fumbles.

SHAPE America Standards

S1.E1Performs locomotor skills while maintaining balance.
S2.E3Varies time and force with gradual increases and decreases.
S3.E3Identified physical activities that contribute to fitness.
S4.M1Exhibits responsible social behavior by cooperating with classmates, demonstrating inclusive behaviors and supporting classmates.
S5.E2Recognizes that challenge in physical activity can lead to success.

Assessment of SHAPE America Standards

When you print, this will be a full sheet that you can use to assess your student's progress.
We also offer a spreadsheet version if you prefer to copy and past your student's names.

SHAPE Standard

Student Name
Susie Stacker


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