• Tech to play video for students
  • Speed Stacks Sets
  • Tables (how to setup Timed Relay, HTH Relay)
  • Line markers
  • StackMats (mats and timers)

Student Objectives

  • Learn two different kinds of sport stacking relays
  • Work with teammates to practice relays

Video Outline = Instructor needs to take action

  1. Introduction
  2. Assemble class into teams of 4 and distribute Speed Stacks sets
  3. Learn how to do Timed 3-6-3 Relays
  4. Practice the Timed 3-6-3 Relay with your class
  5. Learn how to do Head-to-Head Relays
  6. Practice Head-to-Head Relays with your class
  7. Wrap up

Assessment Level

Pattern Not Yet Getting There Got It Wow
Relays Team completes a Relay but breaks multiple rules of the event. Team can explain the rules of the Relay. Team completes a Relay without breaking any rules. Team completes a Relay without breaking any rules 3 times in a row.

SHAPE America Standards

S1.E6Travels showing differentiation between springing and running.
S2.M12Describes and applies mechanical advantage for a variety of movement patterns.
S3.E2Actively engages in physical education class in response to instruction and practice.
S4.M4Accepts differences among classmates in physical development, maturation and varying skill levels by providing encouragement and positive feedback.
S5.M6Demonstrates respect for self and others by following the rules, encouraging others, and playing in the spirit of the game or activity.

Assessment of SHAPE America Standards

When you print, this will be a full sheet that you can use to assess your student's progress.
We also offer a spreadsheet version if you prefer to copy and past your student's names.

SHAPE Standard

Student Name
Susie Stacker


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