Dr. Steven R. Murray, Brian Udermann, John M. Mayer, Kenneth Sagendorf - Mesa State College - Perceptual and Motor Skills, Spring 2004


Sport stacking has been adopted recently by many physical education programs to enhance rudimentary motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and ambidexterity as well as quickness and concentration; however, no empirical evidence has been published to support these claims.

We examined the influence of stacking on hand-eye coordination and reaction time of 24 boys and 18 girls in second grade as measured by the Soda Pop and Yardstick tests, respectively.

Two physical education classes were randomly assigned as treatment and control groups and were pre- and posttested for hand-eye coordination and reaction time. The treatment group participated in a 5-week sport-stacking program.

Significant improvements were noted for both hand-eye coordination and reaction time between the pre- and post test scores for this group but not for the control group.

Therefore, sport stacking is indeed effective in enhancing hand-eye coordination and reaction time.

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