Gray Matters' brain-based learning - "Bringing the brain and education together", incorportates sport stacking in its Activities Cards deck. Speed Stacks are valued for its promotion of eye-hand coordination, ambidexterity, quickness, and concentration.

Kim Bevill has designed a great academic tool for educators that is easy to use, beneficial and fun by creating Gray Matters® Brand Educational Cards.

Gray Matters® cards are a set of educational activities which come with the brain-based research to support the use of these strategies in every classroom at every level. "Every activity, Speed Stacks included, is supported with the research to show the increase in standardized test scores, enriched academic success and above all…motivation in all students when teachers integrate the activites."

When do we learn best?
Gray Matters says, "Brain based research suggests the best learning occurs when students learn new content for 10-15 minutes and break for at least 2 minutes - a perfect time for a movement activity. The structure in the brain that encodes new information can retain only about 10-17 minutes at a time."

Sport Stacking is a featured Activity Card! Among the 48 colorful flash cards in the deck, of course you can find sport stacking (formerly known as cup stacking). Reference is made to the promotion of eye-hand coordination, ambidexterity, quickness, and concentration.

Each card contains a brain-based movement activity, suggestions on how to integrate into the classroom and supporting research.

Activities which integrate the right and left sides of the body require both hemispheres to communicate, improving reading, concentration, and overall cognition.