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Next Level Stacking is a video series for stackers who have mastered the basics and want to up their game! In each video, Global Records Manager, Kailey Diedrick, analyzes actual tournament footage and explains the rules around the most common (and controversial) mistakes. These videos explain the video review process in detail and are a great way for competitive stackers to understand exactly how their runs will be judged. If you're already a competing stacker or want to become one, this video is for you!

Each video focuses on a different event and covers the most common problems encountered by stackers in detail. Next Level Stacking is meant to be viewed as a series so if you don't see something covered that you want to know more about, check out the other videos. Chances are that we cover it in one of those. There will be one video for each of the competitive stacks so check them all out! We will be publishing one each week until we have covered them all.

This video series does not cover the basics so if you are having a hard time following the action or need a refresher on the basic rules, check out speedstacks.com/learn for a review.