Curriculum Suggestions for School and Home

Each school and district faces new problems to solve as they move into the new school year. Below are a few ways teachers can address concerns for safety while meeting students' developmental needs:

  • Existing and Modified Activities: We have several activities that work well with Physical Distancing and have created new variations for specific activities to better address Physical Distancing guidelines. Each of these will be labeled with to help you easily find these activities
  • Individual Student PE Kits Physical Distancing has us thinking about PE equipment in new and creative ways. Speed Stacks has teamed up with US Games and OPEN Curriculum ( to bring affordable Personal PE Kits to your schools. OPEN Curriculum is designing a special lesson set for your teachers and students to use specifically with these kits.
  • Stacking@Home Videos were developed when all schools were offering remote learning. These work well for school-based PE classes that are ensuring physical distancing as well as for schools that are continuing to teach students remotely or by providing a hybrid experience.

One piece of equipment, many different uses

Speed Stacks offer the unique ability in that they can be used in a variety of ways. Having multipurpose equipment works well with Individual Student PE Kits and also reduces the amount of equipment students come in contact with.

  • Sport Stacking (has multiple benefits)
  • Mini cones
  • Markers to designate zones
  • Markers to create lanes
  • Cups to catch and pass
  • Manipulatives for building and balancing
  • Obstacles to jump over
  • Counters for scorekeeping (relays, free throws, laps etc). Use stacking to count attempts in other activities. Each cup in a stack equals 1 attempt.