StackMat required A sport stacking game to challenge your speed and consistency and also work on math skills (decimals).

You start your score at 5 and the goal is to get to 10. If you get to 0 you lose. This can be any stack. Time yourself once, and that is now your time to beat. You earn 1 point for beating that time (with a clean run), and you lose 1 point for being slower than that time or scratching.


Can be played with the 3-3-3, 3-6-3 or Cycle. Can also be played competitively against another person. First person to get to 10 points wins.

SHAPE America Standards

Standard Description
S2.E3.5Applies movement concepts to strategy in game situations.
S3.E1Physical Activity Knowledge
S4.E4Working with others
S1.M25Individual Performance Activities

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