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Product Details

  • 12 Speed Stacks Cups
  • Gx Mat
  • Gx Timer

Product Description

Endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association, Speed Stacks Stack Pack contains everything you need to be "competition ready" in this competitive sport of coordination, action, and speed.

Specially designed for streamlined stacking, the 12 included competition-level cups have vent holes for faster stacking. For those new to the sport, an instructional packet offers tips and training for the predetermined sequences and patterns of Sport Stacking. Perhaps the coolest feature of the set is the mat, a cushioned pad that comes with a precision timer capable of timing your stack to the hundredths of a second. For stackers on the go.

While the official sport has carefully designed rules, the basic action of stacking cups is something even toddlers have tried, making this set fun for the whole family to play with straight out of the box. Try a competition stack or go freestyle; race against the clock or compete with friends to see who is fastest. Used in more than 50,000 schools, Speed Stacks promotes hand-eye coordination, quickness, and concentration--valuable skills on the playing field and in the classroom. The timer is powered by one lithium button-cell battery (included).


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Amazing Deal December 28th, 2011

this is an amazing deal and i know that anybody at any age will love this. i think that this object has been known to give you better coordination in anything else that you do. so if you play sports this would make a great way to get more coordination.
-- rhianna l


The Best Deal I've Ever Seen For Cups And Mats! December 13th, 2011

These sets are great. Kids love them and with this sale you'll never see a set of cups with a mat and timer at a cheaper price. I've bought a few to give as presents already and am considering more to keep on hand for future needs. Thanks for offering this bargain. I've recommended it to all the families in my school speed stacking club.
-- Lisa B


AMAZING December 12th, 2011

I'm 14 years old and I absolutely love stacking! I've been stacking for around 2 years 9 months. Ive been very addicted to it since we started it in gym class in 6th grade. I would highly suggest this to anyone. I play sports including basketball, hockey, football and lacrosse and it has insanely improved my coordination in all of the sports! It has been proven to improve your focus and get better test scores. I have found that I got progressively better in school too from being able to focus better because of speed stacks. So If your child struggles in school, this could help them achieve better. I wish that everyone Gets to enjoy the sport of speed stacking. - D.V.
-- Dominic V


Glow In The Dark Set December 12th, 2011

This is a gift for my son for Christmas. He loves the original cups and he plays them all the time. I can not wait to get these.
-- wendy d


Speed Stacks December 11th, 2011

My daughter is so pleased with them and the mat is great as it dulls out the noise
-- louiza B

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Speed Stacks December 11th, 2011

Love them and my daughter spends hours with them !!!!
-- Louiza B


This Is Great December 5th, 2011

my kids love it so much!!!
-- Bob K


SWEET December 3rd, 2011

I bought these speed stacks about 2 weeks ago, and they are awesome. They are really smooth and have better gripp than my other speed stacks.
-- Carolina F


Fun Way To Learn Good Hand/eye Coordination! November 27th, 2011

This is the second set I have bought my twin 10 year old boys. The first time around I bought them each just the speed stacks to try them out. They are now getting the glow in the dark sets with the mat and timer they are extremely happy and so am I because they are spending more time with the speed stacks than on the video games! These stackers really are great!!!
-- Christna R


Glow In The Dark Stack Pack November 27th, 2011

Kids loved them, great black friday deal. Got two complete glow in the dark sets for $36.00, two very happy children. This is the second set we have bought just because the kids didn't take care of them. They love them!
-- Christina R


So Good ! November 25th, 2011

It is so good for children...! i like it~!
-- Candy L


Son November 13th, 2011

My son is 13 years old all he does is stack !!
-- Jim C


This Is Great November 12th, 2011

I just got it today and it is so awsome
-- Triston j

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