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  • Speed Stacks Cup Keeper
  • Keeps your cups round

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Although fumbles happen for many different reasons, they are often due to cups being out of round. We have all seen cups that are badly out of round, but even cups that are just a little bit out of round can cause fumbles. Being out of round creates friction between cups and can cause fumbles when stacking fast because the cups don't separate like they should.

Speed Stacks cups are designed with a specific clearance between each cup so they will separate freely, even when deformed slightly by the stackers grip. But if cups are even just a little bit out of round, the clearance is taken away so even a light grip by the stacker can cause the cups to stick.What's worse is that it all happens so fast, the stacker usually doesn't even know what caused the fumble.


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Cup Keeper5

Awsome April 2nd, 2012

i always wanted these because my flames stick and i heard pro series stick so i wanted to buy a cup keeper so they could be round and ready for stacking
-- Steven A

Cup Keeper5

Awsome Hat!!! February 25th, 2012

I bought it for the hat!!!
-- tommy l

Cup Keeper5

A GREAT Idea December 27th, 2011

What a great idea for a great company:) Love you speed stacks!!!!!!
-- madison d

Cup Keeper5

I Love It. December 2nd, 2011

Like the person under me said, I love the fancy top hat feature for the nights with the ladies. Thanks for making me look like a swagg king I love you speed stacks :)
-- JimBob S

Cup Keeper5

Keeps ME Round September 21st, 2011

Yep, keeps me round, and I do like the "Top Hat" feature for fancy nights out on the town.
-- T C

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