Speed Stacks, in partnership with the World Sport Stacking Association is excited to announce a big step in the evolution of sport stacking. If you would like more detail about how this will impact tournaments and records please check out The WSSA announcement at www.thewssa.com/news/2021-02-28/new-g5-timer/

One of the most difficult and controversial aspects of our sport has been the rules around holding cups while stopping the timer. Over the last three years, more than 25% of the attempts in sanctioned tournaments were scratched for holding cups while stopping the timer and those scratches made up over 60% of all scratches. It's very hard to see these infractions in video review and almost impossible when live judging so the scratches are often controversial. Infractions for touching the cups when starting the timer and stopping the timer above the wrist are also very difficult to see and also cause a large number of scratches. Unfortunately, just eliminating these rules doesn't solve the problem - it just creates other problems that are just as hard to judge for.

Working closely with the WSSA, Speed Stacks has developed a solution for these problems. We realized that if stackers had to have their thumbs on the backside of the timer to start and stop it, then there is no way they could hold cups or start and stop the timer with their wrists. Based on this principle, we developed a new timer with four touch pads - two, like we have now for the fingers, and two more for the thumbs. This is the G5 timer and it's the next step in the evolution of sport stacking because stackers don't have to worry about being scratched for wrist stops or holding cups - it just isn't possible with this timer.

Here are some other great new G5 features:

  • To prevent the RESET or POWER buttons from accidently getting pressed when a timer is slammed, they must now be pressed for ½ second to activate. No more lost times or turned off timers! The buttons also have a new reinforced design that won't wear through with extended use.
  • G5 timers are compatible with Pro Tournament Displays and the TD cord plugs in underneath the timer so it doesn't get in the way or accidently get unplugged during stacking.
  • To accompany the G5 timer, there is also a new G5 mat with a cool new shape and button system. The snap-in button system eliminates problems with timers getting knocked off the mat inadvertently - just snap the timer down into place and it's rock solid. Note that because of the new button system, G5 timers do not fit older mats.
  • The G5 timer has two modes: 4-Pad mode (for stacking) and 2-Pad mode (for speed cubing, where it operates just like a G4 timer). To switch between the two modes just hold the RESET button for 5 seconds. To ensure 2-Pad mode doesn't get used at stacking tournaments, in 2-Pad mode the display and the TD blink the final time three times so the operating mode is obvious to judges and spectators. The LCD display and the LED color also indicate the timer mode. Two pad mode can also be used by stackers with motor control issues that prevent them from using a four-pad timer. G5 timers are compatible with our Pro Tournament Displays.

G5 timers will be required for sanctioned WSSA Tournaments beginning September 1, 2021. G5 Timers will be available worldwide on May 1, 2021 and can be pre-ordered now and will ship on May 1.

Larry Goers
CEO, Speed Stacks Inc.