Classic fun mixed with fitness and sport stacking in this simple game.





  • One set of Speed Stacks Stack Spots or activity poly spots
  • One to three sets of Speed Stacks for each stacking spot


Place the Stack Spots in a large oval on the floor to establish the activity area; be sure there’s enough space inside the oval to comfortably fit every stacker. Place 1-3 sets of Speed Stacks in downstacked position near the stacking spots. Stackers inside the activity area partner up and stand back to back.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal stackers turn around, face their partner and play a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Whoever wins the round runs to a Stack Spot and completes the activity, on the spot. Once they’ve completed the activity, they run back into the activity area, find a new partner and play another round of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Stackers who don’t win Rock, Paper, Scissors find a new partner and play again.


  • Winning players must alternate between a Stack Spot or activity spot each time they win a round.


  • To make this activity more movement-based, substitute hand signals in Rock, Paper, Scissors to full body signals.

Physical Distance Variation

Students can play this game in small groups of up to 4 players. All students set up their cups at least 6 feet apart, either across from each other, or in a triangle or square depending on the number of players. When they are ready to play, they stay by their own cups and use either hand gestures or the full body variation to play RPS with one of the other players in their group. The winner stacks and the other player either waits for them to finish, giving them feedback about whether they have stacked the given sequence correctly or plays with another player in the group.


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