A fun game of human pac-man.




  • 1 sport pack
  • 3-5 pool noodles for the ‘ghosts’


Place 3-5 students in the center circle of the gym as ‘ghosts’. All other students should grab a set and spread out around the gym while standing on a line on the floor.

How To Play

On ‘ready-set-go’, everyone can start fast walking along the lines on the floor. Pac men carry their cups and ghosts carry their noodles. Ghosts are trying to tag the other students with the pool noodles. When a pac man is tagged, they sit on the line where they were tagged and stack a pattern until the game has ended. Pac men cannot pass another pac man on the line whether they are tagged or not. They must turn around or follow the other pac man. Ghosts can go around a tagged pac man. The round ends once all pac men have been tagged.


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