Work as a team to throw and stack your way to a 6-stack.


Distancing Variation


  • 6 Jumbos per team
  • Assortment of throwing objects for each team


Place 6 jumbos at the end of the playing area open side up in a 3-2-1 triangle.

How To Play

The object of Jumbo Toss is to be the first team to build a six stack. The first player on the team stands behind the Jumbo Speed Stacks. They are the catcher. The first person in line throws their object trying to get one in a jumbo. If the object goes into a Jumbo, that cup gets turned over to start the building of the 6-stack. If not, the catcher retrieves the object and brings it back to the start and goes to the end of the line to await their turn. The person who just threw runs behind the Jumbos and becomes the catcher. Play continues in this way until all 6 Jumbos have been turned over and built into a 6-stack.


  • The first player on the team will use a jumbo to catch items. They are the "Catcher"
  • The rest of the team will take turns throwing items to the catcher.
  • If the object if caught in the jumbo it can be used to build the 6 stack.
  • If the object is not caught the catcher returns to the end of the line to await their turn and the thrower becomes the catcher.


As each team finishes, they can join another team to help them finish. The entire game is finished when all the teams’ Jumbos have been built into 6-stacks.

Physical Distance Variation

Each student has 3 jumbos and one ball. Each student plays in their own space with the jumbos near the wall and has to retrieve their own ball and return to the start line to throw each time. First student to complete a 3 stack wins the round. Play multiple rounds and have students earn points for each round based on their finish. An example is first place gets 3 points, second place gets 2 points and so on. Play rounds until one player gets a designated number of points.


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