Bowl two balls per frame to see if you can knock down all the cups. Write down your score on a piece of paper to see if you improve from game to game. A perfect score in Stack Bowling is 42! Only count a cup if it falls over onto its side.

  • Frame 1: 3-Stack
  • Frame 2: 6-stack
  • Frame 3: 3-3-3 (9 cups)
  • Frame 4: 6-6- (12 cups)
  • Frame 5: 1-10-1 (12 cups)


Allow younger players more ball rolls per frame. Use more cups for additional frames or create new towers to continue for frames 6-10.

SHAPE America Standards

Standard Description
S1.E13Underhand throw
S2.E3Speed, Direction, Force
S3.E1Physical Activity Knowledge
S4.E4Working with Others
S1.M25Individual Performance Activities

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