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So after JO's I wanted to take a long break from skacking because the season is over already and my next tournament is November 3rd. BUT NO I'LL KEEP GOING lol but ya I've ben stacking for four hours every day since I got back from detroit and I finally have a settled scedrall for the first time since may lol. But a usuall day for me is staying up till one watching a movie or something like that, then wake up at 10:00 ish and got skate for a while and once I get back I am really sweaty then I go and stack for like two hours and after that i'm sweaty agian and then I got skate like two different times before I go stack and every skate I do I get really sweaty so I sweat FIVE different times per day and it rocks. I really miss my teachers, school and friends but I am totally loving summer now :D

My biggest goal of summer was to beat my 5.263 from nationals because that was my third best and right away I get 5.247 and 1.5 minutes latter I get the third fastest cycle in the world. Five minutes of stacking and that happend :D

I got JO fotage and a new 3-3-3 record so I will probably put them in the sunday montage this week so look for that tomarow!

By the way the Willima Polly Pro series are FREAKING AMAZZZING! When they come out I highly recomend then because this the first set of cups that I have ever had that are my favorits for all stacks :) They come out september 4th I think but that might be the snaptops. If you want to get these cups when they come out, go on www.speedstacks.com they also sell a veriady of other equipment that you might find usfull! Thank you and see you soon!

~William Polly