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Scoring three goals in a single match, or a hat trick, is one of the most impressive feats in soccer. If a hat trick is one of the most impressive feats, what then would be the term for setting three cycle world records in three tournaments? By stacking a 5.089 second cycle at the Team Korea’s 3rd round of qualifiers for the world championships, Si Eun Kim joins the exclusive club made up of only Steven Purugganan and William Orrell, to become the third stacker to accomplish such a feat.

Si Eun Kim started her streak at the 1st round of qualifiers with a 5.246, but only to better it with a 5.245 a week later at the 2nd round. Her third round results put her firmly among the greats. In a day of threes, the 5.089 also made Si Eun the 3rd stacker to have officially clocked in a 5.0 second cycle. Congratulations to Si Eun Kim on this massive achievement. Can she better that streak to four at the 4th round in a week’s time?