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Peter Ford


Upload date: September 5th, 2013

January 16th 2014: 10000 views!
April 19th 2014: 20,000 views!!
June 1st 2014: 30,000 views!!!
July 18th 2014: 40,000 views!!!!
September 14th 2014: 50,000 views!!!!!
November 10th 2014: 60,000 views!!!!!!
December 22nd 2014: 70,000 views!!!!!!!
February 10th 2015: 80,000 views!!!!!!!!
April 9 2015: 90,000 views !!!!!!!!!
June 10 2015: 100,000 views!!!!!!!!!

I've made this a few times in the past, but never got it right. But now, I think it's good.

A lot of Cycle World Records have been set by a lot of different stackers over the past 11 years. Some of them even on the same day. Some even by stackers who are still new today.

Credit to Lawrence, Mr. Tim, Zhewei, Josh Hainsel, and most importantly WSSA for making me be able to make this video.

Song: Feint- Skyward.

Who will get the next Cycle World Record?