High energy game of tag combining sport stacking and movement skills.





  • One set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • Perimeter markers or cones


Have stackers stand in random positions throughout the activity area with their Speed Stacks in front of them in a downstacked position. Determine which pattern will be stacked (3-3-3, 3-6-3, 6-6, 1-10-1, Cycle).

How To Play

In this game of tag, every player is ‘it’.

On the ‘go’ signal, stackers chase and tag other players. A stacker who gets tagged must move to the nearest set of Speed Stacks and stack the designated pattern. Once the stacker has completed stacking, they may reenter the game and continue playing.


  • If a stacker knocks over a cup or cups they must replace them in their original position.
  • Because all players are considered ‘it’, the player to get tagged first is required to run to the nearest set of Speed Stacks upstack and downstack the pattern before reentering the game.


  • Choose an alternative locomotor skill such as skipping or hopping.
  • Choose a different stacking pattern, or number of repetitions stackers must stack, once they have been tagged.
  • Hot Potato: Time 15-30 second intervals ending in a ‘stop’ signal for stackers to not get caught stacking.

Physical Distance Variation

Only 1-3 taggers. Use full length pool noodles for tagging.


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