A fitness activity of tag and stack.




  • 1 sport pack
  • 8-12 hoola hoops
  • 1 set per hula hoop
  • 6-10 activity cards
  • 3-5 pool noodles


Spread the hula hoops around the gym and put a set in the center of each one. Choose 3-5 taggers and give them pool noodles. Have the other students spread out around the gym. Spread 6-10 activity cards around the outside of the gym

How To Play

On ‘ready-set-go’, the taggers can chase the students. A student may jump into an unoccupied hoola hoop and stack a pattern to become ‘safe’ from a tagger. Taggers should not guard hoola hoops. If a student is tagged, they must go to an activity card and perform the activity before going back to the center.


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