Race around the track for partner fitness fun.




Distancing Variation


  • One set of Speed Stacks for each stacker pair
  • One set of Speed Stacks Stack Spots


Create a large oval randomly placing fitness and stacking spots along with sets of Speed Stacks cups in the center of the activity area. Pair off stackers and designate one as the Pit Crew member (inside the oval) and one as the Driver (outside of the oval).

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, the Drivers race around the perimeter of the oval performing a predetermined locomotor movement while Pit Crew members stack a predetermined stacking pattern. On the instructor’s “Pit Stop” signal, the Drivers find their partner Pit Crew and switch roles. During the race the instructor calls out different stacking patterns for the Pit Crew to perform and alternate locomotor movements for the Drivers.


  • Stackers must make sure the proper stacking techniques and patterns are followed.
  • All fumbled cups must be fixed properly.
  • Drivers may pass other drivers, but crashes are not allowed.


  • Integrate ball handling skills for the Drivers (basketball, soccer balls).
  • Instruct Drivers to race a set number of laps before switching with the Pit Crew member.

Physical Distance Variation

Ensure that students on the inside circle and outside circle are at least 6’ apart. Remind students that if they pass another student to make sure they make a wide pass around that student. When students switch roles, make sure each student is using their own cups.


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