High energy collaborative teamstacking race that’s focused onmovement and team cooperation.





  • One set of Speed Stacks for every team
  • Floor markers or cones.


Establish relay lanes with markers or cones. Make the lanes wide enough so that stackers can move freely as they run up and down their lane. 

Once lanes are established, one stacker from each relay team places downstacked cups of the predetermined pattern at the end cone of their lane or spaced equally down the lane (straight line). Stackers then form single file lines behind the start line and wait for the activity to begin.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, the lead stacker in each lane runs to their set of cups to upstack and downstack. Once they’ve completed the pattern, they run back to the start line and activate the next team member with a hand tag. Repeat this pattern until every team member has a turn. Stackers signify their completion by sitting on the ground in their line.


  • All fumbles must be fixed and cups must be downstacked before tagging the next stacker in line.
  • Stackers waiting to go must remain behind the start line until the returning stacker activates them with a hand tag.


  • Run a continuous relay for a set amount of time.
  • Stackers upstack the cups in one direction and downstack them on the way back to the start line.
  • Challenge your stackers by stacking Doubles (Doubles stacking is when two stackers stack together. The stacker on the right is the right hand, and the stacker on the left is the left hand).
  • Use scooters or different locomotor skills.
  • Add manipulatives like jump rope or ball skills for increased movement.
  • Use Speed Stacks Jumbos.


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