Running, stacking, and team cooperation is the name of this activity.





  • One set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • One table for up to four teams


Set tables in a row, place two to four sets of Speed Stacks on each table (replicate for as many teams as you have). Relay teams may have two to four members. Relay teams line up single file with the lead stacker starting at the table and the remaining team members behind the start line, seven feet back.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, the lead stacker upstacks and downstacks the predetermined pattern while the remaining relay team members wait in single file behind the starting line. Once the lead stacker completes the stacking pattern, they run towards the waiting stacker and activate them with a hand tag to enter the race. Stackers continue to take turns stacking until the ‘stop’ signal.


  • Stackers must make sure the proper stacking technique and patterns are followed.
  • All fumbled cups must be fixed properly.
  • Waiting stackers may cross the starting line once the returning stacker activates them via hand tag.


  • Change the stacking pattern.
  • Have stackers repeat the pattern twice before activating the awaiting stacker.
  • Add ball handling skills (basketball, soccer ball).
  • Move the starting line back and incorporate jump ropes.
  • Two Minute Drill - see how many laps or stacks can be completed in 2 minutes.

Physical Distance Variation

Complete as a “wave relay.”

  • Each team of students stands at least 6’ apart on their start line and their cups are on the relay line at whatever distance from the start line that the teacher choose.
  • The teacher numbers the students and, on the “Go” signal, they complete their relay in number order.
  • For even more physical activity, students complete a fitness activity (jumping jacks, etc.) when they are waiting on the end line before and after their turn.
  • Everyone on the team continues to take turns until the stop signal.


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