A fun game of throwing, catching, stacking and running.




  • 6 sets of 3 different colored jumbo cups
  • 6 sets to match the jumbo colors
  • 12 bean bags


Divide students into groups of 4. For each group, set 3 jumbos along the center line of the gym. For each group, set 6 cups on each side of the jumbo, spread out to the wall of the gym.

How To Play

On ‘ready-set-go’, two students on each team will grab a jumbo on the centerline and bring it to the closest cup on each side of the gym. Their partners will take a bean bag and toss it to the student with the jumbo. The student with the jumbo tries to catch the bean bag in the jumbo. If hey miss, the student with the jumbo has to put the jumbo down, grab the bean bag, and run it back to their partner to try again. If they catch the bean bag, they take the jumbo, cup, and bean bag back to their partner and switch places with them. Students take turns throwing and catching until all 6 cups on each side are brought back to the center. Once all 12 cups are back, the team must run the set to the far wall and perform a relay from the center line. Once a team finishes the relay, they should sit down. The game ends once all teams have completed the relay.


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