Team based activity thatincorporates running and stackingguaranteed to get the heart racing.




Distancing Variation


  • One set of Speed Stacks for every stacker


Divide your stackers into two teams and assign each team one half of the activity area as their side. Each stacker upstacks a designated pattern somewhere in their half of the activity area before the game begins. All stackers go to their respective baselines and wait for the race to begin.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, stackers run to the opposing team’s side, downstack any set of cups, pick those cups up and run back to their side to upstack them. Stackers continue running back to the other team’s side to downstack, collect cups and bring them back to their side to upstack. The winning team is determined by the team that has the most upstacked sets in their half on the ‘stop’ signal.


  • Stackers may not touch a set of cups that another stacker is upstacking.
  • Stackers may not wait next to a stacker who is upstacking.


  • Pair stackers up and stack as Doubles teams. The stacker on the right side uses only their right hand and the stacker on the left side uses only their left hand.
  • Use a different locomotor skill.
  • Begin the game with downstacked sets of cups so stackers upstack and downstack before taking the cups to their half.
  • Perform fitness exercises (sit-ups, pushups, flexibility) when upstacking and downstacking

Physical Distance Variation

  • Put students on 2 teams.
  • Each team sets up their cups 3 feet from the center line towards their end line. Teacher can choose 3 stacks or 6 stacks or a combination. Cups should be set up with a safe 6’ or more between each player’s set of cups.
  • Each team lines up on their endline directly back from their own cups.
  • When the teacher says, “Go,” the students run forward, downstack one of their pyramids, run back to their endline and re-stacks the pyramid on the endline.
  • Each player then runs back to their cups and downstacks the next pyramid and brings it back to upstack.
  • The game ends when all the players on one team have finished retrieving and upstacking their cups on their endline.


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