A competitive activity with running, stacking, and team cooperation.




Distancing Variation


  • One set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • One table for every eight stackers
  • One StackMat per team (optional)


Divide your stackers into relay teams with four stackers per team. Set the tables in a row and place two sets of Speed Stacks on one side. Relay teams line up single file with the lead stacker starting at the table and the remaining team members behind the start line, seven feet back.

How To Play

On the ‘go’ signal, the lead stacker begins stacking the predetermined pattern with the remaining relay team stackers waiting in single file behind the starting line. Once the lead stacker completes the stacking pattern they run back and activate the next stacker by stepping on or over the 7 foot start line. Teams continue stacking until the fourth member completes their stacking pattern and stops the StackMat (StackMats are encouraged, but not required).


  • Stackers must make sure the proper stacking techniques and patterns are followed.
  • Returning stackers step on or over the seven foot starting line to activate the awaiting stacker.
  • All fumbles must be fixed properly.


  • Switch the pattern to 3-3-3, 3-6-3 or Cycle depending on the stacker’s ability.
  • Set up a mini tournament with a single or double elimination bracket for head-to-head competition.

Physical Distance Variation

Complete as a “wave relay.” (Thanks to OpenPhysEd.org for the Wave Relay idea)

  • Each team of students stands at least 6’ apart on their start line and their cups are on the relay line at whatever distance from the start line that the teacher choose.
  • The teacher numbers the students and, on the “Go” signal, they complete their relay in number order.
  • For even more physical activity, students complete a fitness activity (jumping jacks, etc.) when they are waiting on the end line before and after their turn.
  • First team to complete the wave relay wins the race.


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