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The Cycle is the premiere stack and arguably the most fun of all the patterns. To simplify teaching your stackers, we’ve broken the Cycle lesson into two parts. In this lesson you’ll learn the 6-6 and the two transitions. In Part 2 you’ll learn the 1-10-1 and how to put it all together!


  • Participate in vigorous sport stacking fitness activities demonstrating proper stacking techniques
    (National PE Standards 1, 3 & 5)
  • Practice positive sportsmanship with peers in a competitive activity
    (National PE Standards 4 & 5)


  • 1 set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • 1 banquet-style table to lead instruction

Instructor Preparation:

  • Watch the Cycle Instructional Video
    • Learn how to teach stackers the Cycle.
    • 3-6-3 to 6-6 to 1-10-1 to 3-6-3.
    • Understand the mirror technique for easy class follow along.
  • Choose a lesson activity or activities:
    • Watch the activity video.
    • Read the instructions.
  • Teach the lesson.

Warm Up / Review: (5 minutes)

Prepare your stackers to learn Part 1 of the Cycle with a fitness activity.

3-6-3 Relay option: Introduce the 3-6-3 Relay by dividing your class into teams of four stackers. Each team will complete the 3-6-3 pattern at tables in relay form.

Simple Stack Tag

High energy game of tag combining sport stacking and movement skills

  • K+
  • page 20

4-Person Competition Relay

A competitive activity withrunning, stacking, and teamcooperation

  • K+
  • page 32

Teach: (10 minutes)

The 6-6

  • Demonstrate and review the 6-6 using the 3-2-1 method.
  • Stackers practice upstacking and downstacking the 6-6.
  • Walk around and check for proper stacking technique.
  • Demonstrate and practice together as a class.
  • Play a fitness activity using the 6-6.

The Two Transitions

  • 3-6-3 to 6-6:
    • All upstack a 3-6-3.
    • Back to the beginning and downstack a 3-6-3. Stop.
    • Using one hand, downstack this last three and bring it over to the first 3-Stack.
    • Using the 3-2-1 method, upstack the first 6-Stack, then the second 6-Stack.
    • Repeat several times. Call out cues and keep everyone together.
  • 6-6 to 12 cup column:
    • Downstack the first 6-Stack keeping three cups in each hand.
    • Use the cups in your hands to downstack the second 6-Stack.
    • Two moves - slide out and pop on center, ending in one column of 12 cups.
    • Repeat with the second transition several times.
  • Now combine ALL of the above (3-6-3 to 6-6 to column of 12 with the two transitions).
  • Practice several times.

Fitness Activities: (10 minutes)

Activities are designed to offer movement, integrate new skills, and reinforce sport stacking techniques. Depending on available time, these can be repeated or combined. Use the suggested activities below or choose from the complete activity list. (page 18)


Team based activity thatincorporates running and stackingguaranteed to get the heart racing

  • K+
  • page 26

Partner Fitness Challenge

Fitness activity that gets bodiesmoving and brains working

  • K+
  • page 34

Stack Bowling

High intensity, individual fitness stacking game that’s fun and easy to play

  • 1+
  • page 33

Indy 500

Race around the track for partner fitness fun

  • K+
  • page 30


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