A simple and fun introduction to team-based sport stacking competition that won't isolate slower stackers.


  • techniques in a competitive setting.
    (National PE Standards 1, 3 & 5)
  • Demonstrate positive sportsmanship in a competitive setting
    (National PE Standards 4 & 5)


  • 1 set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • 1 banquet-style table to lead instruction

Instructor Preparation:

  • Determine the number of stackers per group.
  • Set up tables (with StackMats optional).
  • Choose one of the competitive events (3-3-3, 3-6-3, or Cycle).

The Lesson: (10 minutes)

Step 1 (Overview)

  • Review how to use StackMat (optional).
  • Divide your class into equal teams (eight stackers per team), 4 tables.
  • Set up tables (two stackers per table, groups of eight is ideal).
  • Each group will then “Stack Out”, one group at a time, as described below.

Step 2 (Stack Out Rules)

Anyone not at the tables becomes a spectator and cheers on the competing stackers.

  1. All stackers in the competing round take their place at the tables to warm up before the Stack Out begins.
  2. On the ‘go’ signal, they will stack a specified event (your choice). The slowest two stackers become their group’s cheer section (in the event of a “photo finish” only the stackers in question will compete again against each other).
  3. Think of each group as a team... the first round is designed to determine the fastest two stackers on each team. Slower stackers who have been stacked out now become the team supporters and cheer on their team in the following rounds.
  4. Repeat the above steps with all groups until you have the top two stackers from each team.
  5. Combine the qualifiers into one large finals group (or into groups that fit on the tables) and run the Stack Out as described above until you have the top two stackers.
  6. The top two stackers will compete against each other in the best two out of three (use the middle two tables, one stacker per table).
    • Recommended: Use StackMats to prevent photo finishes. Use Tournament Display Pros if available.

Additional Options

  • Visit SpeedStacks.com/teach for several other competition options for your stackers including brackets, Stack Meets, WSSA recognized or WSSA sanctioned tournaments.
  • Offer stacker challenges such as ladder competition and S-T-A-C-K.

Stack Out Prelims:

  • Call up a group to the tables.
  • Each round 1 or 2 of the slowest stackers are eliminated.
  • Continue until 2 stackers are remaining (they qualify for finals).
  • Run each group until only the finalists remain.

Stack Out Finals

  • Top 2 from each group advance to the finals.
  • Run the Stack Out as usual combining all qualifiers from each round.
  • Once you are down to the top 2 stackers, run the best 2 of 3 to determine the Stack Out winner.


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