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Product Details

  • 12 Speed Stacks Cups
  • Quick Release Stem
  • Online Instructional Video

Product Description

Each set comes with its own quick release stem along with a link to our Online Training loaded with instructions to help you truly "Stack Fast!"

Sport Stacking with Speed Stacks is one of the fastest growing new sports in the country. Stackers up stack and down stack 12 specially designed cups in specific patterns using the patented StackMat™ to measure and record their best times.

Speed Stacks are the only products approved for use in the WSSA sanctioned events and each cup carries the official WSSA seal of approval.


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Speed Stacks Sets5

Thanks Gym Teacher April 22nd, 2016

i begged my mother to get these when they were on sale and she did????!! My gym teacher introduced them to me and i was really excited and now mine are on their way.
-- loriann b

Speed Stacks Sets5

So Much Fun! March 26th, 2016

My son did cup stacking in physical education and loved it!
-- Kim F

Speed Stacks Sets5

Almost Got Them! March 14th, 2016

Love these cups I ordered black flames hopefully they will be awesome too
-- C K

Speed Stacks Sets5

Ok My Child March 12th, 2016

My daughter has being dreaming about having speed stacking cups since forever
-- Chloe J

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome March 4th, 2016

-- Sharaf A

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Speed Stacks Sets5

Love It February 5th, 2016

Love it so much fun
-- Vincent S

Speed Stacks Sets4

Stackers January 28th, 2016

My daughter seemed interested and was excited about them so we are giving them a try
-- Crystal B

Speed Stacks Sets5

I Love Sport Stacking January 22nd, 2016

i love this so much that I do it every day I have time
-- cherise w

Speed Stacks Sets5

2nd Grade Daughter Loves It January 12th, 2016

My daughter tried it in PE and she loves it. Can't wait to get her set.
-- Sallie R

Speed Stacks Sets5

Cups January 11th, 2016

My kids did this at school and have really wanted us to purchase some so they can do it at home.
-- Robyn M

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome December 25th, 2015

These cups are awesome in every way, from customization to the way they feel and stack. I am a speedcuber with a PB of 24 seconds on 3x3, and these are much easier, and just as much fun. (Just not as impressive). If you are looking for a cheap, fun, impressive hobby that you can do anywhere there is a table, then I highly recommend trying speed stacks!
-- Elliott M

Speed Stacks Sets5

Innovation November 9th, 2015

Interesting and innovative school project for students
-- Caroline B

Speed Stacks Sets5

Loves It November 5th, 2015

My child has spoke about these stackers from Gym class thought I would try them for him and his little brother for xmas.
-- Stacey C

Speed Stacks Sets4

Thank My Son October 30th, 2015

I am ready to see what these Sets are all about. My son has begged me since 2nd grade for these. He is very excited when they Speed Stack at school.
-- Courtney T

Speed Stacks Sets5

Neon Green Stackers With Spiro Stacks October 9th, 2015

I am glad my nine year old son will be given the opportunity to use this. He looks forward to it.
-- Natasha B

Speed Stacks Sets3

K Daughter Loved It September 20th, 2015

My kindergarten age daughter tried it in PE & loved it. We look forward to exploring this new sport a lot mo
-- Yewande M

Speed Stacks Sets5

My First Cups! July 12th, 2015

I guess I can\'t compare them to anything else because they are my only cups, Got them on July 3rd and it is July 12th now, so 9 days, and my records are 3-3-3: 4.421.
3-6-3: 5.203. Cycle: 14.568. Good cups. First introduced by school.

-- Drake B

Speed Stacks Sets5

Best Cups Ever!!! July 3rd, 2015

I have been speed stacking for 11 months and these cups are the best!!! I have set so many personal records with them!! I would rate them 6 out of 5 stars!!!
-- Emily N

Speed Stacks Sets5

Fun Stacking Cups April 28th, 2015

Stacking cups are really fun to do.
-- Heidi d

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWESOME!!!!!!! April 21st, 2015

The first time I played with it ,I never wanted to stop.
-- Chase B

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome February 4th, 2015

I really like them.
-- Richard C

Speed Stacks Sets5

Amazing! November 30th, 2014

These are the best sport stacking cups you can buy! They are so good!!!! If you are just starting sport stacking these are the cups to buy!!!:)
-- Cole R

Speed Stacks Sets5

Love,love,love November 20th, 2014

-- Piper R

Speed Stacks Sets5

Cool November 15th, 2014

It is so coll it is so awsome
-- cylus h

Speed Stacks Sets5

The Best!!!! November 13th, 2014

The best thing ever!!!
-- Rosanna L

Speed Stacks Sets5

Super Fun! November 13th, 2014

great fun, tried at school.
-- Kate L

Speed Stacks Sets4

Awesome November 12th, 2014

I just started and I love it !!!
-- Miguel E

Speed Stacks Sets5

Amazing June 29th, 2013

I have been cup stacking with these cups since kindergarten and i'm still cup stacking now! These are the best and fastest cups to use in a race.
-- Hannah S

Speed Stacks Sets5

Great Cups May 14th, 2013

I love these cups! I already have 2 stacks:blue and orange i will also be getting green,yellow,and tye die
-- Jenna B

Speed Stacks Sets5

Sport Stacking May 13th, 2013

the cups are great i been stacking for a year a i all ready got a 6.97 in the cycle five stars
-- christian n

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome April 28th, 2013

I first started watching stacking videos after coming across Rachel(aka OMG Girl's)videos.
I've been stacking for almost 2 months now,with my record going from 37.56 to 11.21.The speed stacks I got(although they're from EBay)always come through for me.Keep up the good work!

-- Joey P

Speed Stacks Sets5

Great Cups March 13th, 2013

I just started Speed Stacking and it's awesome. The cups are great. Definitely get them, they're totally worth it.
-- Maryam K

Speed Stacks Sets5

OMG!!! March 12th, 2013

They are so cool at school just stacking and hecka people come to watch because they are really bright and cool!!!
-- Vince D

Speed Stacks Sets4

Great! March 11th, 2013

I love speed stacking and I love all the different colors. I love the fact of how they are unique but I have ONE wish. Would you please make it so that the stack fast DVD is optional? I have about 19 dvd's and I think that is plenty for me! Thanks, speed stacks are great and I love them so but if you could acknowledge my wish I would be very thankful.
-- Patrick R

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! February 23rd, 2013

I got the pro cups and they were awsome.
-- brandon b

Speed Stacks Sets5

Nice February 18th, 2013

Speed Stacks are really entertaining well especially for my son, I as well like them, they're a lot more fun when my son plays them with his friends. He also really likes all the varieties of colors and sizes. Also the timer that tests them to beat someones record. We find them very delightful.
-- Juana R

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome!!!! February 7th, 2013

At my school, we're doing cup stacking and i've gotten really good at it!! I really want to keep cup stacking for the rest of my life!!!!
-- Kaya B

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWESOME:) ! January 16th, 2013

Got them for Christmas and they are so awesome.Sport stacking is now my favourite sport
-- Joey H

Speed Stacks Sets5

Student Excitement! December 17th, 2012

Every November my speed stack banner goes up in the school gym and hallway, the excitement that creates with all my students is unbelievable! Students at Stanwood Elementary are speed stack crazy! Any color will satisfy them, just give them a table with a mat and stacks on it and away they "stack"! Many of my stacks are multicolored due to heavy use 5 days a week - thank you for the free replacements!
-- Florence D

Speed Stacks Sets5

Physical Education Teacher/Sport Stacking Coach December 16th, 2012

I have been coaching and teaching sport stacking for over 10 years. Physical Education and other sports for over 35 years. Used the very first cups before speed stacks developed and improved the current standard of equipment. I am a believer in "sport stacking" for kids. I have watched students of various academic levels and abilities, physically and mentally improve their social, emotional, academic, physical and over-all individuality. My students have competed in inner school clubs, district, state, and regional competition. I also organized/directed the first Illinois State Championship. This is an activity that I can say reaches across "EVERY" level of the curriculum and leaves no one out. I have seen students blossomed into outstanding students who have given sport stacking the credit for their positive development in high school.and college (My daughter included-now a pharmacy student). Parents absolutely love it. My clubs average 200 students every year with a waiting list, just to get involved. If your school is not doing this, they definitely should give it a try. Very easy to get started.
-- Sarah Y

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awsome Sport And Awsome CUPS November 21st, 2012

I started with these cups when i was 4. They are in good shape and i am 15 now and i am on team U.S.A and my record is 5.78 . I think these are great cups!
-- john h

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome November 20th, 2012

they are my first cups i ever had and i like them...
-- Raj D

Speed Stacks Sets5

Fun+ Cheap+speed = Speed Stacks October 27th, 2012

these are so good i have been stacking for about 4 months and my record for the cycle is 8.56 . i have blues which are good and i have clear pro series which = AMAZING i wanna buy the purples and pinks as well as the orange pretty much all of them.
-- Eric P

Speed Stacks Sets5

Fun+Cheap=AWESOME August 30th, 2012

I have been stacking for 7 months now and my record is 9.17 for the cycle! I got the blue set and it rocks! I will definitely buy them again.
-- Jackson W

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome! August 13th, 2012

I have been stacking for about a year and THESE CUPS ARE AWESOME!!! I have Glow-in-the-dark Green and Glow-in-the-dark Blue. My record is about 9:52, and I'm definitely going to buy more cups!
-- Aiden N

Speed Stacks Sets5

A Great Experience August 6th, 2012

I first got into sport stacking at school and got my first set soon after. The instructional DVD definately helped and now I have been stacking for 4 years and even got on Team usa. Thanks speed stacks!
-- Guyton H

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks June 7th, 2012

omg i never expected speed stacks to be this awesome my record is 3.58
-- yasmin h

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome June 1st, 2012

These cups are very nice and do not break easily, which is good because they fall on the floor a lot. Also, I enjoy cup stacking and this helps me play piano.
-- Connie Z

Speed Stacks Sets5

WOW !!!! May 5th, 2012

These are the best way to have fun and good for the whole family!
-- Dante A

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May 1st, 2012

These are awesome, i have been cup stacking for about 2 years and have really improved.
my cycle pb is 9.94, i have been trying to beat that for about 2 days. (because i got it 2 days ago)
my 3-3-3 pb is 2.69, just got that now!!! overall these are AWESOME!!! :)

-- Mark W

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWSOME SPEED STACKS! April 23rd, 2012

Speed stacks is fun and healthy! I love speed stacks!
-- jordan m

Speed Stacks Sets5

Best Thing Ever! April 22nd, 2012

I hold the state record in wisconsin for the cycle stack. Ive been practicing since i was six and it paid off. I have three sets of cups.
-- Tyler V

Speed Stacks Sets5

Cooooool April 5th, 2012

these cup are the best
-- dan l

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWSOME March 24th, 2012

-- taliyah w

Speed Stacks Sets5

Really Fun March 22nd, 2012

this is really fun, I was really close to holding a state record for the 3-3-3 (2.09 for washington) but i rarely buy cups because there a bit Expensive
-- Michael W

Speed Stacks Sets4

Pretty Cool! March 14th, 2012

Great and fun but a bit expensive.
-- Ben S

Speed Stacks Sets5

AWOSOME March 4th, 2012

-- j k

Speed Stacks Sets5

GREATEST March 2nd, 2012

Speedstacks is a sport suitable for all ages well anyone buying speedstacks is money well spent
-- Nick B

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks Kit February 18th, 2012

These speed stacks are so cheap and good. When I bought them from Ebay It was really expensive. I think this is a great way to improve typing and playing piano. Thank you!!
-- Mary Grace W

Speed Stacks Sets5

Cant Wait January 31st, 2012

Ok i havent gotten my set yet but at my school they provide some and its really awsome, my mom said ill get some soon and i already love the sport
-- trenton m

Speed Stacks Sets5

Better Than Better December 31st, 2011

it is great i got the blue cups and i keep getting new records with them
-- nevada w

Speed Stacks Sets5

Cool December 19th, 2011

I have been doing this for four years and am going to continue doing so. These cups are very durable and have held together all this time (though i do have three sets). This sport anyone can do, is very fun and helps improve coordination, these have helped me alot with typing and other activities. This is a sport that parents and kids can do. I encourage you to try this sport. Hope this is helpful :)
-- Collin W

Speed Stacks Sets5

GREAT!!!!!!! November 18th, 2011

These cups are amazing!!!!
-- chandler b

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks November 12th, 2011

My Kids love it Its just awsome
-- Ben C

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks Cups August 22nd, 2011

My son has had a wonderful time playing and stacking these cups. He plays with these as part of our school's PE curriculum, so I decided to buy a set for him to have at home.

I thought they were a little expensive but they seem real durable and it does come with a dvd so price might be reasonable after all.

These used to be sold in local stores such as Walmart and Target but now can only be found online. This is a little disappointing since sometimes Grandma might like to buy a set and does not have enough computer knowledge to find them online.

Otherwise, it is a wonderful toy for any child.

-- Crystalrae S

Speed Stacks Sets5

Great Fun! July 21st, 2011

Bought this for my daughter who was really looking into it, and ended up playing with it myself. Fun for kids and adults. :)

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks Cups July 11th, 2011

Great toy for hand eye coordination. My 5 year old just loves these and is learning how to do most of the tricks as they are not hard to do and it is fun to see her have immediate success.
-- Lisa W

Speed Stacks Sets5

Not Sure Whats Its About But The Kids Love It June 11th, 2011

When I saw this was on both my niece and nephews wish list I thought what a waste of money, just get some dixie cups and they would be set. I was told "no, they need the real deal and only the official stacking cups would do". So I bit the bullet and bout two sets. Turns out these were a hit! This is actually would it took to elevate social status! When I saw how fast they could stack and how much joy it brought I was so glad I made the purchase. As my nephew said "don't skimp the other kids will laugh at us" I am glad I bought these as they have gotten hours and hours of enjoyment out of them.
-- W D

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks May 18th, 2011

I couldn't find this anywhere in stores. My niece had been asking for it for a year and her dad gave up. I got this for her birthday tomorrow. It's perfect.
-- Mom of 4

Speed Stacks Sets5

My Kids Love This! May 16th, 2011

As a parent at 40yrs old of 5 and 10yr old I am not sure why they like this so much but they do!!! The kids in neighborhood all enjoy as well! We purhcased 2 of these sets and wish I would have purchased for birthday gifts for neighborhood kids!
-- PBurke

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks Fun March 6th, 2011

I watched youtube videos of people doing speed stacks, and I felt curious about it. In my country nobody practices it. I found that it's fun and it's addictive, you try to do faster than before. Sometimes it's difficult because I have found that some people is annoyed by the sound of the cups, son I need to wait for the right moment to play. Nevertheless, it's fun and it trains your eye-hands coordination.
-- Marta

Speed Stacks Sets4

Fun For All Ages February 9th, 2011

I got this for my seven year old charge. She loves to play with it all day. It is even fun for her two older sisters and the three adults in our home. It is durable and well made. The only complaint is that it is hard to get back into the netted bag that comes with it.

Speed Stacks Sets5

SPEED STACKS January 20th, 2011

-- Constantino K

Speed Stacks Sets5

Speed Stacks January 17th, 2011

Great purchase. My son's school has an annual contest with Speed Stacks for each grade. I bought them so he could practice and have fun. He really likes it toy. He finds it fun to perform in front of others to show how fast he can do this.
-- M&M Mom

Speed Stacks Sets5

Stacking Game January 17th, 2011

The kids are having a ball trying to beat each other's time. Plus their dexterity is improving and the contests at school are even more fun. Kind of gives them an advantage during competitions.
-- T C

Speed Stacks Sets2

Too Expensive For Replacement Cups January 14th, 2011

We purchased replacement cups for this game because we love the game so much. One of the original cups cracked and that really affected the ability to play the game. The replacement cup were almost half the cost of the original game... too expensive!
-- mom

Speed Stacks Sets5

Busy Mom Of 2 January 11th, 2011

I bought these cups for my 7yr old for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. My 10yr old wanted them so I bought her a set along with a stack mat for each and also a set of mini stacks for each with the timer and they love competeing with each other. Great product to develop better hand eye coordination. Loads of fun for all!!
-- 2craftymom

Speed Stacks Sets5

Love It!! January 8th, 2011

Love this toy. Was delivered fast and exactly what the description described. My daughter plays with it all the time.
-- Mary

Speed Stacks Sets5

My Son Loves It! December 29th, 2010

My son (11) has played this game several times over the last couple years at school nights with a "math theme". I decided to track it down for him over the holidays and he loves it.
-- Lizzy

Speed Stacks Sets4

For Christmas December 20th, 2010

My kid hasn't played with the cups, but I am excited and feel she will enjoy them very much. Her school has competitions and she now can practice at home for them.

Speed Stacks Sets4

Great Product November 20th, 2010

I purchased these for my son as a replacemet set. He loves to stack them and has become quite good at it over the years. My only complaint would be that these didn't come in a box or anything. They came in a plastic bag. Normally not a problem but I was giving these to him for his birthday and you can't really wrap them in paper so you would need a gift bag.
-- Kate8

Speed Stacks Sets5

Stackem' Cups July 7th, 2010

i ordered these stackem' cups for my grandson and he loves them..and,they seem to be very durable.i would highly reccomend them
-- Barbara P

Speed Stacks Sets5

Pleased April 20th, 2010

Delivery was on time and my kiddo enjoys them. The belt clip comes in handy to keep up with them when at a competition.
-- K. Hardgrave

Speed Stacks Sets5

I Bought 4 Speed Stacks Cups! April 14th, 2010

This is a wonderful gift for grandchildren. I've purchased for granddaughters and bought one for my 'grandma's toy closet!' Excellent quality and lots of fun! AND, no batteries!!
-- Vikki S

Speed Stacks Sets5

Still Stacking In GA! April 12th, 2010

I ordered the stacking cups on a whim, for my ten year old daughter that does everything in high gear. We were having issues with hurried assignments at school, which resulted in poor penmanship, sloppy work, and ultimately low marks. Speed Stackers have provided an outlet for this need to finish first. Speed stacking requires you to be the fastest! She loves them! As a result, I have seen improvements all the way across the board at school. We would reccomend them to anyone!
-- Ivy K

Speed Stacks Sets5

Great Toy For Children With Autism January 27th, 2010

This toy is really great for children with autism. It works on hand eye coordination. Children with autism like the structure of the activity and repeating the activity.
-- Kylie C

Speed Stacks Sets5

Awesome! Get It For Your Kids Who Can't Get Enough Of Their Video Games! October 27th, 2008

Great! I got this for my 10 year old son who typically is on his PSP as much as he can be. Since getting this, all he wants to do is STACK! The DVD is a must, because it shows proper technique.
-- Marjorie V

Speed Stacks Sets5

Amazing Hand Eye Coordination Skills January 12th, 2008

I bought this item for my 11 year old son for Christmas. I was amazed at how fast he could stack and un-stack these cups. Him and my daughter (age 15) have competitions to see who can stack the fastest. It is a really great game to improve hand eye coordination.
-- Meg

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