My name is David Phillips, I am a resident of the Greater Houston, Texas Area. I served the communities of Houston for 21 years an educator, most of my tenure was served teaching "physical education." I also served as "Campus Athletics' Coordinator," Physical Education and Health Department Chair and "Dean of Students." I've witness the self concept in students, who may not have been as gifted athletically or academically, sprout wings and fly to new heights because they discovered something that they could do well. This is the very reason I love "Speed Stacking." Individuals, irrespective of background, can participate on a level playing field, in a sport that is low cost, that aids in brain functionality, and has been shown to enhance students' success on standardized assessments. Not often does any activity support a triple-bottom line (cost efficient, brain developing, and supports academics) in such a positive manner. It is my mission to put a set of Speed Stacking Cups in the hands of every student as well as grow the sport of Sports Stacking in the Greater Houston Area. "Happy Stacking!"