Instructional Video

Your Choice: To integrate timing, turn to Lesson 5. Lesson 5 provides hands-on experience with the Speed Stacks StackMat (mat and timer), which is used to time each stacker. Time and record stackers now, wait until Lesson 5, or do both and measure stacker skill improvement.


  • Learn the 6 stack, 3-6-3 pattern, team relays, and how to fix fumbles.
    (National PE Standards 1 & 3)
  • Demonstrate the 3-6-3 in fitness acitivties.
    (National PE Standards 1-5)


  • 1 set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • 1 banquet-style table to lead instruction

Instructor Preparation:

  • Watch the 3-6-3 Instructional Video
    • Learn how to teach stackers the 3-6-3.
    • Understand the mirror technique for easy class follow along.
  • Choose a lesson activity or activities:
    • Watch the activity video.
    • Read the instructions.
  • Teach the lesson.

Warm Up / 3-3-3 Review: (10 minutes)

Start with a fitness activity. This will prepare your stackers for the lesson by warming them up and getting them focused.

Doubles option: have stackers pair up and stack as doubles. The stacker on the right uses only their right hand, stacker on the left uses only their left hand; they stack together following all standard rules of the pattern.

Straight Line Floor Relay

High energy collaborative team stacking race that’s focused on movement, team cooperation, and motor skills

  • K+
  • page 25

Stackers & Blasters

Fun movement activity thatfocuses on exercise andfundamental stacking skills

  • K+
  • page 23

Teach: (15 minutes)

The 6-Stack

  • Demonstrate a 6-stack to your stackers.
  • With three cups, practice dropping one cup at a time into the palm of your non-dominant hand.
  • Practice picking three cups up with dominant hand; two with the other; leave one (upstack using the 3-2-1 method).
  • Downstack in two moves- slide out and down, then pop on center cup.
  • Have stackers practice just the 6-Stack.

Teach the 3-3-3

  • All cups in a downstacked 3-6-3.
  • Stackers point with both hands to the side to start on.
  • Use the mirror technique.
  • Upstack the 3-6-3 together then “freeze”, go back to where you started, then downstack together.
  • Repeat several times.
  • Have stackers practice for a few minutes; walk around and check for proper stacking technique.
  • Review fumbles and how to fix properly.

Fitness Activities: (10-20 minutes)

Activities are designed to offer movement, integrate new skills, and reinforce sport stacking techniques. Depending on available time, these can be repeated or combined. Use the suggested activities below or choose from the complete activity list. (page 18)

Fetch 12

Simple activity to warm up stackers and review stacking patterns

  • K+
  • page 19


Team based activity thatincorporates running and stackingguaranteed to get the heart racing

  • K+
  • page 26

The Group Order

STACK @ HOME - This is the perfect time to hand out GO brochures and remind your stackers that they can save 25% on their favorite sport stacking gear. Stackers and parents should know that your school wins with FREE equipment on every order stackers make. Please communicate with your parents and let them know about the GO and their deadline for order submission. If you haven’t set up your GO, you still have time. Setup your Group Order!


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