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At the 2016 World Sport Stacking Championships in Speichersdorf, Germany, Si Eun Kim adds yet another entry to her world record collection. On her 2nd attempt in Stack of Champions, the Korean stacked a new world record in the 3-6-3 stack, bringing it down to 1.946 seconds. The new world record is the first to be set with Speed Stacks’s new 4th Generation StackMat timer, which are sanctioned by the WSSA to be used in competitions. The 12-year-old was also a part of the relay team representing South Korea which won the 2016 SPEED STACKS International Challenge. Additionally, she is still the overall world record setter in the 2016 calendar year, 5 months into the season. Si Eun – 2, rest of the world – 0. Congratulations to Si Eun on the extraordinary achievements!