Timing is great for tracking progress, training for competition, developing personal challenges, and encouraging self-improvement. Use stacker times to seed competition (page 16) or enter stacker times into our online portal for interactive graphs, personal comparison, goal setting and printable certificates / record lists.


  • Demonstrate use of a StackMat by timing oneself.
    (National PE Standards 2 & 3)
  • Compete using all three sport stacking patterns correctly.
    (National PE Standards 1-3)
  • Establish and improve personal achievements.
    (National PE Standards 4 & 5)


  • 1 set of Speed Stacks for every stacker
  • 1 banquet-style table to lead instruction

Instructor Preparation:

  • Print class time sheets (page 37) (1 time sheet = 30 students).
  • Set up activity stations for stackers.
  • Choose an event (3-3-3, 3-6-3, Cycle, Doubles, Timed Relay).
    (see online resource for Doubles and Timed 3-6-3 Relay)

Pattern Review: (10 minutes)

Review and practice the pattern as a group.

Review Fitness and Timing Stations

  • Divide stackers into activity groups.
  • Stackers will rotate through all stations.
  • Explain / demonstrate each station.

Fitness Stations:

Divide your stackers into equal groups (4-8 stackers per group) and choose which activities below to offer based on the total number of groups in your class. Explain each activity station to your stackers and educate them on the Timing Station flow. Feel free to offer non-stacking activities in the circuit to add variety (jump rope, basketball, scooters, soccer balls, etc.).

Station #1

Triple Up Triple Down Relay

Team-based activity designed for movement and motor skill activation

  • K+
  • page 21

Station #2

Continuous Table Relays

Running, stacking, and team cooperation is the name of this activity

  • K+
  • page 31

Station #3

Around the Table

Warm up your stackers’ hands and minds while stacking around the table

  • K+
  • page 28

Station #4

Hound'n Rabbit

Activate your stackers’ hands andminds with this fun activity

  • K+
  • page 29

Station #5

Time Station:

Time Your Stackers

  • Introduce timing rotation.
  • Stackers rotate from warm-up table to on-deck table to timing table back to warm-up table until all stackers are timed.
  • Stackers get three attempts and best time is recorded.
  • Record times on time sheet or into the Speed Stacks online system.

Use Times For:

  • Coaching individuals on technique
  • Measuring personal improvement
  • Goal setting
  • Seeding competition
  • Class / school records


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