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Product Details

  • 12 Speed Stacks Pro Series Cups
  • Pro Series Quick Release Stem
  • Online Instructional Video

Product Description

Take Your Stacking To The Next Level! Pro Series 2 cups are endorsed and signed by World Champions William Orrell (PS2 Whites) or William Polly (PS2 Blacks)

  • No center that eliminates air resistance and reduces down stacking time
  • Special high impact material
  • Official WSSA approved equipment

Developed in conjunction with the world's top stackers, they include special features and are approved by the WSSA for competition use. Available clear, they also feature the patented Quick Release stem.

Speed Stacks® are specially designed high-tech Sport Stacking cups endorsed by the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA) for competition.

Please Note: Snap Tops are not compatible with Pro Series


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Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

These Cups Are AWESOME November 28th, 2014

These cups are the best ever! I've been stacking for 6 years and these cups are the easiest and lightest I've used yet. They are at a fair price, they are worth way more than what you pay. From just learning to stack to breaking the world record these cups are for any level! They are a must have. If you're looking for new cups without a doubt get these!
-- Anonymous B

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Fantastic October 12th, 2014

These are my favorite cups to use for stacking they help me get faster and faster
-- Breanne J

Speed Stacks Pro Series 23

Ok August 1st, 2014

Their a little too thin, but their all right. They feel thinner than the SO Retails
-- Drew B

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Awesome April 26th, 2014

These are the best :)
-- Amir S

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

If There Were 10 Stars I Would Give Them 50 Stars! April 22nd, 2014

Wow!!!!!!!!! With these cups I've gotten 3-3-3 1.619 (my current record), 3-6-3 2.062 (my current record is 2.032) and cycle 5.547 (my current record). Get these cups! They take about 30 min.-1 hour to get broken in. But then they are amazing and only get better from there!
-- Aaron S

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Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Amazing! April 11th, 2014

With these cups I have gotten 3-3-3 1.619 my current record. 3-6-3 2.062 my 2nd best. Cycle 5.547 my current record! These cups are Amazing!!!!
-- Aaron S

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Best Cups Ever February 18th, 2014

These cups are amazing. I\'ve gotten 2/3 of my personal records in them and I have the Fastest on the web for 3-3-3 with them with the time of 1.394. I would recommend these cups to anyone.
-- Peter F

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Awesome February 16th, 2014

these cups are really good. ive had them for about 4 months now and only one a has broke with a slight crack, but i use another cup that works fine with it. PS2 have brought my times down a lot, ive been stacking for 7 1/2 months and these are my best times 3-3-3 =2.158 3-6-3 =2.771 cycle =7.541. i hope to get on team USA one day:) my youtube channell is SpeedStacking Kid
-- Palmer H

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

AWESOME!!!! February 6th, 2014

These cups are amazing! I am getting really good times for these in all events. I'm also do really well in tournament with these.
-- Tiffany T

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

AMAZING!!!! January 5th, 2014

I stack about 7-9 hours a week and use these cups 90% of the time. They are light weight and good with down stacking. For those of you who are new to stacking and are not sure what to buy, get these. They are a great set for stackers just beginning, to the best stackers! They are amazing!
-- Jordan G

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

AWESOME December 13th, 2013

-- Pedro S

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

EPIC CUPS!!!! November 24th, 2013

These are amazing! I tried them out at my local toy store and they are insanely fast!
-- Jackson W

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

AMAZING CUPS!!! November 20th, 2013

they are AMAZING i got almost all new best in tournament with them at my last tournament! they can be really hard to downstack when you first get them but thats no big deal since most cups are like that when you get them.
I will be getting more sets of these soon

-- Tyler F

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Best Speed Stacks Ever! November 2nd, 2013

These are very high quality cups, they look good, "smell" good and, they preform very well because of there huge holes and quality plastic.
-- Micah T

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Epicly Good October 22nd, 2013

it was such a good idea to get this new tipe of cup. fast,non sticky and reliable!!!
-- Louis M

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Polly's Cup October 16th, 2013

-- sky n

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

I Love Stacking October 4th, 2013

I've been stacking since kindergarten. I've been on my school's team for each year and have seen my stacking get faster and faster. My teacher teaches a 2 week unit every year and makes sure that our class of 40 to 60 students learn and have cups to use . We have all improved each year.
-- Daniel F

Speed Stacks Pro Series 25

Great Cups September 6th, 2013

this cups are awsome i already got a 6
-- hiroyuki a

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